Always a Bulldog


Well, we lost.  We put up a great fight.  Thanks for confirming what we knew all along, ‘Bama — Georgia belongs on the main stage.  We CAN compete with Saban’s voodoo magic.  We may not have won…but we’ll be back!

It was the most exciting season I can remember as a fan.  In preparation for the Rose Bowl, John ordered some fun Georgia football party supplies, and we had a picnic in our living room as all four of us watched and rooted for our beloved Dawgs.  Even C + B were into the game, with C yelling at the TV when our volume increased and B shouting, “Go! Go! Go!” randomly.

I realized I should be a little more sympathetic to die hard rabid sports fans like myself when their team is in the hot seat.  I don’t think I give enough credit to what it means to be a life-long fan.  I’ve waited over 33 years for Georgia to win a national championship…and although we didn’t do it this year, we got so close.  Coming into work on Tuesday morning, the first thing my coworker said to me was, “Girl, how you doin’?”  AND SHE’S A FLORIDA FAN, dude.  Friends from all over texted.  People called.  Everyone (minus the state of Alabama) it seemed was cheering for us.  People were just so invested in this game right along with me.  It sounds silly to say that something like that means a lot, but it does.  Anytime someone takes notice of something big in your life, you feel loved.  Thanks for loving me…but thanks for especially rooting for Georgia!


Until next fall, Dawgs.  We’ll be waiting anxiously!

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