Crowd-Sourcing My Clothes

It all started while we were sick and on vacation at the beach for New Years.  It was FREEZING, colder than normal even for January in Maryland– the kind of cold where you don’t even want to leave the house or get out of bed.  So we didn’t really.  And then there were the online sales…oh, there were the sales!  And I had some gift cards to burn.

That coupled with the fact that my body is still confused as to what final weight I should settle with post-baby, it was time to purchase some clothes that fit me.   My new way of shopping is either online (obviously the simplest) or to rip through a store or two on the way home from work and purchase everything I THINK I might like.  I comb through it all another day when I have time after work and before picking up the kids, and decide what to keep.

Here’s what I bought:

Whatcha like?

I ended up keeping the color block dress, the chucks, white pants, coral sweatshirt, snow boots, cream cowl neck sweater, faux fur vest, blush pants, flannel shirt, and black down vest.  (Some stuff I already owned and just needed to use to complete the outfit — chambray shirt, black tights, etc.)

What did I learn from this process?

  1. Just because I like it, doesn’t mean it looks good on me.
  2. Just because it covers the bootay doesn’t mean I need to keep it.
  3. The most expensive purchases weren’t the ones that were necessarily the crowd favorites.  People REALLY loved some of the cheapest clothes I bought (i.e., cream cowl neck sweater = $20!).
  4. Just because OTHER people like it, doesn’t mean that I feel good in it.  Case in point: the cheetah jacket I was obsessed with.  Thought it was definitely going to be a keeper.  Everyone else loved it.  The more I kept trying it on, the more I thought it made me boxy.  Bye bye, cheetah.

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