Weekly Top Picks

Okay, spring is coming, ladies. That means it’s dress and wedge season…all day errrrday. Here are the things I’m lusting after, most of which I’ll order today (except for the stuff that’s already sold out in my size).

This dress is everything. I have it in the sleeveless version and love it. I’m giving it a go in the long-sleeved, V-neck style next!

Here’s the sleeveless version I have in the rust color.

Trying out these pumps! How adorable and feminine…I’m into the big bow on the back. Love pumps with a little something extra.

This adorable and feminine blazer is on sale! #addtocart

Ahhh! I was too slow on purchasing this one. They don’t have it in my size but how adorable are these espadrilles? I’ll be stalking the website until they’re restocked!

Another adorable dress. Great for baby showers and other spring fun.

**These are all affiliate links. I get a commission if you purchase…at no cost to you, of course!

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