Easy Weeknight dinner: Chicken Thighs, Sweet Potatoes, Red Onion and Kale-Faro Salad

It is essential to us that dinner take no more than 30 minutes.  By the time we all get home, we’re in a rush to make dinner before both kiddos eat way too many snacks…or eat each other (because that’s a real fear most days). This meal isn’t a gourmet meal…but it’s healthy and delicious…and honestly, that’s good enough for me some nights.

Most nights of the week we do something similar — except switch out the protein and vegetables.  You could really roast any of your favorite vegetables — broccoli, carrots, Brussel sprouts — and this would be delish.

First, cook some faro (just like you would macaroni…boil the faro for about 20 minutes and drain).

Then, dry off your chicken.  Salt and pepper the chicken.  Chop your sweet potatoes and red onions.  Rub about 2 tbs. olive oil over the vegetables as well as salt and pepper.  Stick these two pans in the oven at 450 for approximately 20 minutes.

While that’s cooking, heat up 1/2 tbs olive oil in a medium sized pan.  Add the garlic and cook about 1 minute.

Add 3 cups of kale until the leaves are wilted (approximately 1 minute) then add 1/2 c. of water and cook until the water is all gone.  Add some salt and pepper.

Add your cooked faro and some walnuts.

By this time, your chicken and veggies are ready to come out of the oven.

I like colorful meals.  The sweet potatoes and kale-faro salad are pleasing to the eye, which makes it all pleasing to the stomach.

We love this simple dish.

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