4 Ingredient Lemon Drop Cookies

I’m on a lemon kick.  It really has to do with willing spring to get here…or maybe it’s just because I love things with lemon in them.  Either way, I’ve got a lemon blueberry loaf on my list of things to make soon, too.   Stay tuned!

I made these for my co-workers to thank them for helping me facilitate our staff meetings this year.  I wish I could have given them more, but hopefully this was a nice treat to let them know I was thinking about them and so uber appreciative.

I’ve also made them for several other events.  Each time, people always rave and demand the recipe.  I’m almost embarrassed to tell them what it is because it’s so easy.

Here are the 4 ingredients <<open the curtain>>:

Mmm hmm.  That’s lemon cake mix, Cook whip, an egg, and powdered sugar.  Mix it all up.  Make sure your Cool Whip is thawed.

It helps to put the dough in the refrigerator for about 20-30 minutes to get slightly harder.  It’ll be easier to roll the dough into little 3/4-1″ balls.  Roll them in powdered sugar and there you have it.

They come out so pretty.


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  1. Great big yumminess!


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